In our Player Program, Creative Caddie teams with you to help create and run all aspects of your online and social media presence. Creative Caddie Design specializes in creating a unique online brand that is consistent and shares your message with your fans. We take care off your web design, print design and social media on a year by year basis.


Our Player Program includes the following:

  • Standard website with customized features
  • Daily/Weekly updates to your site (content and graphics)
  • Online merchandise store/ with custom merchandise
  • Updated Facebook/Twitter with any new website information
  • Quarterly online newsletter to your fans
  • Update website with any national news story
  • Personal videos created for you site and social media
  • Contests created to keep fans involved with your social media and website.
  • Logo design
  • Poster design
  • Business cards


Benefits the Player:

  • Sell sponsorship spots on website/videos
  • Increase bargaining power when setting up yearly sponsorship deals
  • Keep current sponsors happy by advertising through social media/getting them more involved through contests
  • Increase fan base/ have more involvement with fans
  • Create national exposure for your brand
  • Increase web traffic and online followers